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Car Service, Mechanics Derrimut

Are you looking for experienced car mechanics in Derrimut? If so, come to Peters Auto and Tyre. Our team of licensed and experienced mechanics can resolve any type of car repair that your vehicle has. At Peters Auto & Tyre, we offer a wide range of car services that can help your vehicle to restore its condition in no time. From a simple oil change to a full-fledged complex transmission service, you can rely on our reliable car repairs in Derrimut. Car repairs are inevitable; however, with regular car service from us, you can get back on the road with complete peace of mind.

Tyre Repairs & Tyre Services Derrimut

Are you facing a rough ride? Perhaps it’s time to change your old weary tyres with a new one. At Peters Auto & Tyre, we can help you with tyre repairs and even replace it for you. We have stocked a variety of tyres from popular brands, from a simple one to high-end models, to help you save some money. Whether you’re in for tyre repair or tyre replacement, we can help you make the right choice that fits your budget and suits your vehicle.

Our Range of Car Service in Derrimut

If you value your car, then car service is a must to protect your investment. When you do regular car maintenance, your car will last for years and prevent you from costly repairs.

We offer a wide range of car services

  • Brake & Clutch Repairs
  • Battery replacements
  • Steering & Suspensions
  • Logbook Service
  • Air con Re-gas
  • Tyre Repair & And more

We are a trusted and reliable car service centre near Derrimut, offering exceptional top-notch car service and repairs. We invest our time and effort to diagnose and resolve your car issues and our friendly mechanics will get you back on the road as fast as possible.

 If you’re looking for a reliable car mechanic in Derrimut, you can trust our car mechanics at Peters Auto & Tyre. For appointments, call 0423629088 today.