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The Importance of Wheel alignment in St Albans

Checks Wheel alignment in St Albans(also known as tracking) is an important part of maintaining your vehicle. why? This is to ensure that all wheels of the vehicle are facing forward and at right angles. Having these angles on your wheels will help you drive your vehicle properly and efficiently. Failure to do Wheel alignment in St Albans regularly can cause problems with your vehicle later on. For example, this can lead to uneven Tyre wear and reduce Tyre life. Tailored Wheel alignment in St Albans Services

At Peters Auto and Tyres, we are proud to offer all types of Wheel alignment in St Albans services, be it the front wheels or he four wheels. Most problems occur with the front wheels. This is because it is likely to move during daily driving. The front wheels are also the most important as they are responsible for steering the vehicle. There are many reasons why all four of his vehicle’s wheels can go out of alignment, including general wear and tear, uneven road surfaces, potholes, speed bumps, and uneven curbs.

Our storage in St Albans is completely prepared with the modern-day alignment generation that permits us to goal the trouble and remedy it in a well-timed manner. At Peter Autos And Tyres, we are proud to provide high-satisfactory Wheel alignment in St Albansofferings which can be finished with the aid of using enormously certified technicians who’ve years of enjoy withinside the motor industry. If you would love to carry your automobile in for a Wheel alignment in St Albans service, touch us nowadays to set up an appointment.

Wheel alignment in St Albans

Peters Auto and Tyres has a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians/mechanics servicing the St Albans area. We provide 4WD surveying and tracking using the latest technology. This allows us to provide the best possible performance from your vehicle. We can offer Tyre repair or complete Tyre replacement services and offer a wide range of competitively priced Tyres. Our team will be happy to advise you. The work performed does not affect the warranty – Peters Auto And Tyres guarantees quality service at competitive prices.

How to know if your wheels need alignment

A misaligned wheel track can change the handling and safety of your vehicle and can lead to uneven Tyre wear. It’s hard to notice the change in the wheel track, but you almost certainly won’t notice it when you’re just driving. A small deviation (1 mm) means that the Tyre is pushed sideways by about 1 meter for every kilometer traveled. That’s why it’s important to check your car’s Wheel alignment in St Albans regularly. Learn more about our Comprehensive Free Wheel alignment in St Albans Check or make an appointment at your local Formula 1 Auto Center.

Could the wheel tracks be out of alignment?

Depending on how often you drive your vehicle, we recommend that you have your vehicle’s wheels aligned every 10,000 miles, or at least once a year. Having your car’s Wheel alignment in St Albans checked at a Formula 1 Auto Center has many benefits to your overall driving experience and annual cost, including: Extends tire life by reducing tire wear and friction. Reduces tire resistance due to tire misalignment, improving fuel efficiency.


There are four components involved in the suspension and alignment of the tire. These are:

Camber: Lateral tilt of the tire with respect to the road surface

Caster: Responsible for directional control of the steering

Toe: Right angle, allowing the wheels to rotate parallel while the vehicle is moving

Thrust Angle: Left uncorrected, this is the number one reason for pulling and off-center steering

These terms may be too technical for the average owner, but our The team looks into it when looking for alignment issues. We are here to help you with your alignment issues. Trust our trained and certified technicians.

Wheel alignment in St Albans
Wheel alignment in St Albans